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ACCC Announces Partnership with Boostr Digital Displays

The Alabama Community College Conference is a collegiate athletic conference comprised of over 1,600 student-athletes from 80 individual teams. The ACCC is proud to announce they have reached an agreement with Boostr Digital Displays of Tuscaloosa that will benefit student athletes, colleges and participating businesses.

Fifteen colleges in the ACCC with volleyball and basketball programs will receive large, state of the art, high definition digital monitors that will be displayed near the focal point of each gymnasium. One of the owners of Boostr Digital Displays, Greg Crowe, said “We’ve been manufacturing and selling digital scoreboards for indoor sports teams for more than three years. We are in 37 states, and nothing has meant more to us than finding a way to help support our home state. The ACCC has been overlooked too long. They have a diverse group of schools spread throughout all of Alabama. That, in conjunction with the quality of their sports programs, spurred us into action to promote and financially assist the great folks of the ACCC. ”

Crowe said the partnership reached between ACCC and Boostr allows businesses to purchase digital advertising that can be seen in front of thousands at each home game. Boostr is sharing revenue derived from the ad sales with each participating school.

ACCC Commissioner Dean Myrick was equally pleased about the opportunity to partner with businesses in their home state. “It is a win, win for everyone. Businesses that purchase advertising will get to run promotions in front of every person in our gyms. Our schools rely on local and state wide businesses. Since our sports programs draw such huge crowds, it only makes sense that the businesses would want the chance to reach every potential customer in the audience each night. The fact that Boostr is sharing revenue with us will help our schools tremendously.”

“The Alabama Community College System had a student enrollment in 2014 of 148,868. That is higher than all the public four-year institutions in the State combined. We are offering great educational and athletic opportunities. Many people don’t realize that our student-athletes are some of the most impressive in the country. Just last year, 269 of our student-athletes moved on to play at the four-year level. Our conference has over 16 national championships, and I look for that number to increase again after this year.”  

With volleyball season starting August 22, both Boostr Digital Displays and the ACCC are excited about the good things happening in Alabama this year.

"With this partnership, it will open the door to many more opportunities in the future,” said Myrick. 

For additional information on the ACCC, or Boostr Digital Displays, please check out their websites at http://www.acccathletics.com/ and  http://www.boostrdisplays.com/.