Get to know Bishop State AD Trent Eager

Get to know Bishop State AD Trent Eager

Learning about Trent Eager of Bishop State Community College

Name:  Trent Eager

Any past sports played (school) :  Basketball at Gulf Coast State and Jacksonville State University

Home town: Monroeville, AL

One word your school would use to describe you: Driven

Most memorable moment as an athletic director:  First day as an athletic director

One thing you cannot live without: Basketball

Your favorite place to vacation to: Anywhere with beaches

Most impressive thing you know how to do:  Juggle

Weirdest thing about you: I LOVE food and can eat all day and not gain a pound

Any superstitions: You reap what you sow

What would your last meal be:  Surf and turf would be my last meal. Great big juicy steak with large grilled shrimp

Least favorite food: Sushi

Biggest fear: My players not taking opportunities for their life as serious as I do

Favorite movie:  Life

Favorite TV show:  Chicago PD

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving (birthday is November 23 so it falls on that day sometimes)

Favorite professional athlete: Kobe Bryant