Shelton State's Cara Crosslin and juggling?

Shelton State's Cara Crosslin and juggling?

Get to know Shelton State athletic director Cara Crosslin

Name: Cara Crosslin

Any past sports played:  I played various sports all through childhood and high school but played Basketball at the University of Alabama

School: HS- Muscle Shoals- College – U of Alabama  Job - Shelton State

Hometown: Tuscumbia, Alabama

One word your school would use to describe you: Dedicated

Most memorable moment as an athletic director: Experiencing all of our student-athletes interact with kids in our community during our Halloween event

One thing you cannot live without: Television

Your favorite place to vacation to: Any Beach

Most impressive thing you know how to do: Wake surf and I can also juggle

Weirdest thing about you:  I have tennis shoes that match every outfit

Any superstitions: I wear particular clothes for important athletic events

What would your last meal be:  My Mom's traditional New Year's Day meal: Pork, turnip greens, black eyed peas w/ hogjaw and cornbread

Least favorite food: Tomatoes

Biggest fear: Failure

Favorite movie:  Rudy

Favorite TV show:  Blue Bloods

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Favorite professional athlete:  Larry Bird