Wallace State's Daugherty and ankle socks?

Wallace State's Daugherty and ankle socks?

Name:   A.J. Daugherty

Sport Coaching:   Softball 

School: Wallace State-Hanceville

Hometown:  Leroy, AL

Alma Mater:   Leroy High School/University of Alabama

One word my players would use to describe me:  Authentic

If you weren't a coach, what would you be:  Athletics Director

If you had to coach another sport, what would it be:  Basketball/Volleyball—indoor sports don't worry about weather, field conditions, field maintenance, etc.

Most rewarding moment as a coach:  When former players call or stop by just to talk about life.

One thing you cannot live without:   My family

Your favorite place to vacation to:  Smoky Mountains

Most impressive thing you know how to do:  Cook 

Weirdest thing about you:  I can't stand to wear ankle/no-show socks with long-pants.

Any superstitions:  Whatever lunch the coaching staff has before a win at home, has to be eaten before every home game until a loss.

What would your last meal be:  New York Strip from Big Mike's Steakhouse in Thomasville, AL. 

Least favorite food:  Sushi

Biggest fear:  Being buried alive

Favorite movie:  Rudy  

Favorite TV show:  King of Queens 

Favorite holiday:  Christmas

Favorite professional athlete:  Derek Jeter