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Teams earn NJCAA All-Academic Team status

Teams earn NJCAA All-Academic Team status

Congratulations to the following 28 teams for achieving academic excellence by being named a 2018-2019 NJCAA All-Academic Team. 


Marion Military                    3.21

Coastal Alabama-North        3.17

Snead State                        3.15

Calhoun                              3.07

Wallace State                      3.04

Men's Basketball

Wallace State                      3.60

Men's Cross-Country

Marion Military                    3.21

Women's Cross-Country

Marion Military                    3.03

Men's Golf

Calhoun                             3.11

Women's Golf

Marion Military                   3.25


Wallace State                    3.50

Southern Union                 3.45

Central Alabama                3.31

Marion Military                  3.26

Calhoun                            3.14

Coastal Alabama-East        3.11

Snead State                      3.10

Coastal Alabama-North      3.07

Shelton State                    3.05

Chattahoochee Valley        3.00

Men's Tennis

Marion Military                  3.48

Gadsden State                  3.23

Women's Tennis

Snead State                      3.33

Central Alabama                3.32


Wallace State                    3.55

Gadsden State                   3.44

Southern Union                 3.41

Snead State                      3.25