Faulkner State Names Robby Robertson Men's Basketball Head Coach

Faulkner State Names Robby Robertson Men's Basketball Head Coach

Faulkner State Community College has a new Men's Basketball Coach, although this coach is not new to the Faulkner State basketball court. Robby Robertson has been selected to lead the Sun Chiefs Men's Basketball team.

"After an extensive search process with an impressive pool of applicants, I am proud to announce Coach Robby Robertson as our new Men's Basketball Coach," President of Faulkner State Community College Dr. Gary Branch said. "I am particularly pleased since I had the pleasure of working with his father, Coach Jack Robertson, for over 36 years. I watched Robby grow up on the basketball court."

Robertson began his time in the Faulkner State gym as a child, watching his father coach the Sun Chiefs for more than 40 years.

"I grew up in this gym watching my dad," Robertson said of the arena at Faulkner State. "I spent more time on campus than I did at home," Robby said with a laugh.

President of Faulkner State Community College, Dr. Gary Branch, is confident in Robertson's ability to take the lead.

"He has a real legacy to fill, but I know that Robby is going to be successful as our new basketball coach," Dr. Branch said.

Robertson, who brings 16 years of successful college and high school coaching experience and 6 years of community college instruction with him in his new role, is excited to take the helm of the legacy his father left, while being enthusiastic of the changes and new era to come.

"I am very humbled and honored," Robertson said. "I thank Dr. Gary Branch and the administration for this opportunity. My dream was always to coach here."

Robby has many plans for the coming seasons and has his own list of goals as the new head coach.

"First and foremost, building relationships across campus, in the college community and in the basketball community is a priority," Robertson said. "Second, I would have to say recruitment. That is going to be imperative as we move forward."

Robby also emphasized the importance of building team character, enhancing community involvement and increasing alumni outreach.

Following in the footsteps of Jack Robertson would be tough for anyone, even for his own son, given his 855 wins and a list of championship-winning teams. But, Robby sees his mentorship under his father as an opportunity to learn from the best.

When asked what goals he has this first year on the court, Robby first said "a conference championship" with a grin. Then, he said in all seriousness, there is a method his teams will follow.

"We will have character student athletes who will love this College and will love to play for the name on the front of their jerseys. I want these guys to be unselfish, to play hard for each other and for the College, and to practice fearlessness," Robertson said. "If we do that, the wins will take care of themselves."

Robertson will begin his thirteenth year as a head coach this coming season. Among his impressive coaching history, his proudest achievement so far was being named to the 2016 7A Elite 8 with Fairhope High School, a milestone that had not been reached in the school's history in that classification.

Robby, a Faulkner State alumnus, played basketball with the Sun Chiefs (1992-1995) and transferred to play at the University of Southern Mississippi (1995-1996).

Robertson has a Master of Science degree in Sport Coaching from the United States Sports Academy, a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Environmental Sciences from The University of Alabama, and he earned his Associate in Science degree from Faulkner State.

Robertson is married to Celeste Bagwell Robertson and has three children, Jackson, Cohen and Lila Grey.

"This is going to be a great year," Robertson said. "I look forward to joining the Faulkner State family as the Men's Basketball Coach."