Jessica Maye of Chattahoochee Valley and Burger King

Jessica Maye of Chattahoochee Valley and Burger King

Get to know Jessica Maye of Chattahoochee Valley

Name: Jessica Maye

Sport:  Basketball 

School: Chattahoochee Valley Community College

High School: Jackson Olin High School

Hometown: Birmingham, Al

Current year in college: Sophomore 

One word your teammates would use to describe you:  Caring

One word to best describe your head coach: Passionate

If you didn't play your current sport, what would you play: Volleyball 

Most memorable moment as a player: Playing in front of my mom 

One thing you cannot live without: WiFi 

Your favorite place to vacation to: Tennessee 

Most impressive thing you know how to do: I can sing a little 

Weirdest thing about you: The way I walk 

Any superstitions: If I eat Burger King before a game , I play good 

What would your last meal be:  Crab legs, corn, sausage and shrimp 

Least favorite food: onions

Biggest fear: spiders 

Favorite movie:  Just Wright 

Favorite TV show:  Grey's Anatomy 

Favorite holiday: Christmas 

Favorite professional athlete: Draymond Green