It's rhubarb pie for Coach Stitt of Marion Military

It's rhubarb pie for Coach Stitt of Marion Military

Get to know Phillip Stitt of Marion Military

Name: Philip L. Stitt

Sport Coaching:  Men's Basketball

School: Marion Military Institute

Home town: Jacksonville, Florida

Alma Mater: Brewton Parker College – Mt. Vernon, GA

One word my players would use to describe me:  Tough

If you weren't a coach, what would you be: Entrepreneur

If you had to coach another sport, what would it be: Golf

Most rewarding moment as a coach: Every year at Graduation

One thing you cannot live without: Pepsi

Your favorite place to vacation to: Grand Canyon

Most impressive thing you know how to do: Type 65 words a minute

Weirdest thing about you: I like to eat Rhubarb pie

Any superstitions: I have none

What would your last meal be:  Garlic Crabs

Least favorite food: Brussel Sprouts

Biggest fear: Snakes

Favorite movie:  Gladiator

Favorite TV show:  Game of Thrones

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite professional athlete: Michael Jordan