Wallace State cross country teams each win ACCC championship

Wallace State cross country teams each win ACCC championship

HANCEVILLE, ALA. -- Wallace State's cross county teams are Alabama Community College Conference (ACCC) champions.

Wallace State's men had the top four finishers and five of the top eight, and the Lady Lions had six runners finish in the top eight at the conference meet over the weekend.

Competing in their second ACCC meets since the program was reestablished last season, both Wallace State programs shined on their home course.

It's the sixth cross country conference championship all-time for the men's program and third for the women.

"This is a great group of runners. They're great people and get along better than most groups I've had, especially considering everyone is so unique and different. We've had leadership on both teams from the runners in the front, middle and back, and we had to have that again in this meet. We've demanded leadership from every runner," said long-time Wallace State coach Stan Narewski. "I'm extremely proud of both groups and appreciate the work (assistant coach) Tony Crider puts in. He does a tremendous job. Our runners respect and love him. We have a great situation."

Wallace State's Tanner King was named the ACCC Runner of the Year after prevailing as the top individual in the ACCC meet. King, a freshman from Northside, finished the 8K with a 26:24.

"It's a great feeling for us to win this championship. When I first got here, it took me a while to get adjusted (to the college game). All of the training and our amazing coaches helped me tremendously," King said. "This means a lot. We had a feeling we could sweep this race and we came close. We were confident coming in and it showed."

As has been the story this season, Eli Wilhite was right on King's heels. Both have shared the top finishes for Wallace State in 2018.

Wilhite placed runner-up with a 26:35.

"This feels awesome. I went out there and just did my job. Of course, all runners want the individual title, but I'm thrilled to see Tanner up there. We've trained all season in preparation for this meet, and we're conference champs," Wilhite said.

Sophomore Victor Bravo finished third overall with a 27:19 for Wallace State and Hamza Abusammour came in fourth with a 27:28, giving the Lions the top four finishers.

Freshman Alex Leary finished sixth with a 27:52 for the Lions.

Wallace State's Jacob Guthrie (29:28) placed 10th overall, Drake Patton (29:31) was 11th and Brennan Wink (29:32) finished 12th. Lindsay Kolter rounded out the field for the Lions.

In the women's meet, Wallace State freshman Jacqueline Serrano finished individual runner-up, earning a 19:53 in the 5K. She was three seconds shy of matching Marion Military Institute's Savannah Olyniec for the individual championship.

"We challenged Jackie today and she was right there at the end. She was definitely determined the entire time," Narewski said.

Serrano is a J.B. Pennington graduate. 

"It's very exciting to be in this positon. Our team is unique in many ways, and we complement each other well," Serrano said.

Wallace State's Tatiana Padgett finished third overall with a 20:24 and Marlena Morales was fourth with a 21:16.

"Tatiana Padgett is probably our most improved runner since this summer. She continues to get better and better," Narewski said.

Also for the Lady Lions, Makala Worrell came in sixth overall, finishing with a 21:59, Alexandra Holt (22:34) was seventh and Taylor Barkley (22:36) placed eighth.

Miriam Smith, Alex McDonald and Kelsey Borden rounded out the Wallace State field.

As was the case with the ACCC meet, Serrano and Padgett have had the women's best finishes for Wallace State.

Wallace State hosted the conference meet for the second straight season.

"Every runner has been invested and involved all season, and that's what you ask for as a coach. It's a great time to be a part of the program. We're going to continue to build it up," Narewski said.

Wallace State now gears up for the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division I Championship on Nov. 10 at Garden City, Kan.

Event 1  Men 8k Run CC College
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points          
Results - Men                                                                    
  1 King, Tanner               FR Wallace State         26:24.31    1             
  2 Wilhite, Eli                  FR Wallace State         26:35.88    2             
  3 Bravo, Victor               SO Wallace State         27:19.07    3             
  4 Abusammour, Hamza   FR Wallace State         27:28.80    4             
  5 Abbinanti, Nick            SO Marion Milit          27:39.06    5             
  6 Leary, Alex                 FR Wallace State         27:52.34    6             
  7 Covington, Cameron     SO Marion Milit          28:22.31    7             
  8 LaGrone, James            SO Marion Milit          28:39.91    8             
  9 England, Kendall          FR Marion Milit          29:01.26    9             
 10 Guthrie, Jacob            SO Wallace State         29:28.65   10             
 11 Patton, Drake             FR Wallace State         29:31.80   11             
 12 Wink, Brennan             SO Wallace State         29:32.40                  
 13 Contreras, Alejandro      SO Marion Milit          29:38.71   12             
 14 Cardenas, Zenen           FR Marion Milit          30:14.96   13             
 15 Haynes, James             FR Lawson State          30:15.46                  
 16 Kolter, Lindsay           FR Wallace State         30:32.27                  
 17 Lopez, Adrian             FR Marion Milit          31:24.75   14             
 18 Goldsmith, Marcus         FR Lawson State          32:31.98                  
 19 Rotich, Amon              FR Lawson State          35:50.24                  
 20 Johnson, Jackson          FR Lawson State          36:31.95                  
 21 Martinez, Raul            FR Marion Milit          37:23.21                  
                                   Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
Results - Men                                                                    
   1 Wallace State                16    1    2    3    4    6   10   11          
      Total Time:  2:15:40.40                                                    
         Average:    27:08.08                                                    
   2 Marion Military Inistitut    41    5    7    8    9   12   13   14          
      Total Time:  2:23:21.25                                                    
         Average:    28:40.25   

Event 2  Women 5k Run CC College
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points          
Results - Women                                                                  
  1 Olyniec, Savannah         FR Marion Milit          19:50.08    1             
  2 Serrano, Jacqueline       FR Wallace State         19:53.60    2             
  3 Padgett, Tatiana          FR Wallace State         20:24.10    3             
  4 Morales, Marlena          SO Wallace State         21:16.80    4             
  5 Gaspar-Herrera, Teresa    SO Marion Milit          21:24.80    5             
  6 Worrell, Makala           FR Wallace State         21:59.22    6             
  7 Holt, Alexandra           FR Wallace State         22:34.78    7             
  8 Barkley, Taylor           SO Wallace State         22:36.68    8             
  9 Tang, Linh                FR Marion Milit          23:39.72    9             
 10 Lewis, Samika             FR Marion Milit          23:49.36   10             
 11 Smith, Miriam             SO Wallace State         23:58.21   11             
 12 McDonald, Alex            FR Wallace State         24:09.29                  
 13 Batiste, Jada             SO Marion Milit          24:22.01   12             
 14 Borden, Kelsey            SO Wallace State         24:39.27                  
 15 Whiteside, Heavynleigh    FR Lawson State          26:30.25                  
 16 Dominguez-Cortez, Rosa    SO Marion Milit          27:55.03   13             
                                   Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
Results - Women                                                                  
   1 Wallace State                22    2    3    4    6    7    8   11          
      Total Time:  1:46:08.50                                                    
         Average:    21:13.70                                                    
   2 Marion Military Inistitut    37    1    5    9   10   12   13               
      Total Time:  1:53:05.97                                                    
         Average:    22:37.20                                                    


Wallace State Men's Team

Wallace State Women's Team

Men's Runner of the Year - Tanner King - Wallace State

Women's Runner of the Year - Savannah Olyniec - Marion Military

Coach of the Year - Stan Narewski - Wallace State